Adorable Red And White Christmas Christmas Centerpieces Ideas 32
Adorable Red And White Christmas Christmas Centerpieces Ideas 32

88 Adorable Red and White Christmas Christmas Centerpieces Ideas

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Christmas is a great time for centerpieces. Centerpieces can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. Depending on the flowers and foliage you use, they can also last a long time. The evergreens used in your centerpiece will last all month, and you can easily replace the fresh flowers, if needed, to extend the life of the arrangement. This arrangement will look beautiful and smell lovely.

The supplies you will need to make a basic Christmas Holiday centerpiece include: a plastic centerpiece tray, floral foam, floral tape, wired wooden pegs, and if you want, a candle and spiked candle cups. The evergreens that can be used in this design include: juniper, which has small bluish berries, princess pine, incense cedar, and douglas fir. Other foliage to use includes: ming fern, eucalyptus, pittosporum and Holly leaves and berries. You will also need pine cones and hypericum berries. Recommended flowers include: red and/or white carnations, red and/or white spray roses, white chrysanthemums, cushion mums, button mums, and Starbursts (Chyrsanthemums). Call your local florist to order your selection or pick up a bouquet of flowers from the supermarket.

Before you get started designing or putting together your flower arrangement, you will first need to prepare your floral foam by saturating it in water. You will then need to secure it in the centerpiece tray by using the floral tape. If you decide to use candles, insert those next. When using tapered candles, the use of candle cups is recommended. If you are using a wider candle, you can anchor it in the floral foam by attaching a couple of wooden pegs to the base of the candle using floral tape. Prepare the pine cones by wrapping the wire of the wooden pegs around the base of the pine cones. Now you are ready to begin adding the evergreens.

Cut the evergreen pieces to the desired length as you begin your design. I suggest starting with one type of evergreen, spacing the pieces evenly around the design, and continue one kind at a time. Once most of the evergreens are in place, add any other foliage like the fern you may have. The goal with the evergreens and foliage is to have the floral foam completely covered before flowers are added. This method of putting them in is only a suggestion, there is a lot of freedom involved with floral design, though inserting the greens first and covering the floral foam is strongly recommended.

Now the arrangement is ready for some flowers. Cut of the individual blossoms on the stems of pixies, sprays, and mums. This gives you more to work with, spread them out in the design, or group some together. It is best to begin with the focal flower, like the carnations or Starbursts, and then fill in with the smaller flowers. If you decide to move things around once they have been poked into the floral foam, just make sure they are reinserted into a new place. Never pull out a flower and stick it back in the same place in the floral foam, it will loose its capability to absorb water. Once the flowers are mostly in place, it is time to add the holly if this has not been done already and the hypericum berries. Finally, place the pine cones in the design and enjoy your beautiful fresh flower Christmas Centerpiece!

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