Adorable Gold Themed Christmas Table Centerpieces Ideas 42
Adorable Gold Themed Christmas Table Centerpieces Ideas 42

88 Adorable Gold Themed Christmas Table Centerpieces Ideas

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Your Christmas centerpiece lies at the heart of your festivities and should reflect the spirit of the season. A centerpiece adds warmth and cheer wherever it is placed. Here are a few tips that will help you create your very own centerpiece for Christmas.

The most popular Christmas centerpieces are made of baskets. You should line the inner base of the basket with oasis floral foam, which is available with all florists. Any evergreens and fresh flowers that you use can be inserted into this layer of foam. You need to keep sprinkling water on this oasis every day so that the flowers and evergreens stay fresh. You can decorate the basket by filling it up with boughs from evergreen trees, sprigs of holly, poinsettia, berries, fresh flowers and even fruits. The basket should look like it is spilling over with fruit and flowers. You could also fix a large candle into the oasis foam and decorate all around it with foliage. Your basket centerpiece should not be so tall that it obstructs vision.

If you are including candles as part of your centerpiece you should never place too many very close to one another. This creates a fire hazard. You should also keep the candle away from dried flowers or leaves so that they do not catch fire. Do not leave the house with the candles in the centerpiece lighted up. Extinguish the candles at night before going to bed. Battery operated lights are a safer option to use as compared to candles.

You can add shine to your Christmas centerpiece by using gold and silver metallic ornaments You can incorporate these in the form of gold and silver ribbons or even metallic colored dust.

Bowls and vases made of crystal and glass make fabulous centerpieces. If you have a large glass bowl, you can fix a Christmas wreath around it to make a stunning centerpiece. You can fill up the bowl with bits of gold and silver ribbons, shiny beads, tinsel or crushed metallic paper. You could also add a seasonal touch by filling up the bowl with red and green apples. A crystal bowl can be dressed up with pine comes and red and green ribbons. You could also choose a pretty glass vase and decorate it with hollies and berries.

You can use silver trays, mirrors and platters as centerpieces just by adding a few extra touches. You can dress up a silver tray with a few evergreen boughs, pine cones and a few candles. Holiday platters look pretty when decorated with small Christmas presents, tinsel, shredded metallic paper and tiny lights.

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