Simple And Vintage Brick Fireplace Christmas Decoration Ideas27
Simple And Vintage Brick Fireplace Christmas Decoration Ideas27

88 Simple and Vintage Brick Fireplace Christmas Decoration Ideas

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A fireplace is the focal point of any room. It is usually the gathering place of the house, the place where memories are made, hot cocoa is sipped, and long afternoon naps are taken.

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting next to a warm fireplace, filled with dancing flames and popping embers? Fortunately in this modern age of design, there are many different types and styles of fireplaces to suit any taste and decor.

Traditional fireplaces
Traditional fireplaces are the ones you may have had when you were growing up. They usually have a brick or stone surround, and include both a mantle and a hearth. It’s where your mum rocked you to sleep at night, and where grandpa worked tirelessly adding wood and stoking the embers. It’s the fireplace we all see in children’s Christmas books, the fireplace Santa comes down to put presents under the tree, and where stockings are hung.

Latest fireplace designs
Fireplaces have come a long way in design and energy efficiency since those days. Instead of having to chop firewood, there are natural gas and propane options that allow for the use of marbles, permanent logs, pebbles, and other various fireproof accents. Now the surround can be made of tile, stainless steel, granite, marble, and just about any building material you can think of. Not only have the surround options become more abundant, but the location is no longer limited to the middle of a wall.

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