Cozy Thanksgiving Porch Decoration Ideas23
Cozy Thanksgiving Porch Decoration Ideas23

88 Cozy Thanksgiving Porch Decoration Ideas

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year for the senses. It is a time of warmth. The colors of fall with their myriad shades of orange, red and yellow have invaded the eyes. These are all warm colors. Use them to add touches of warmth to your holiday décor.

A vibrant vase of fall flowers, pumpkins on the porch or table, bales of straw with corn stalks, chrysanthemums in outlandish colors of rust, purple, yellow or white all reflect fall’s bountiful harvest. Colorful yellow, orange and green squash replicate a bountiful harvest and encourage a thankful heart.

Thanksgiving memories are a sensory delight for the nose. The smell of sage in dressing and the spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice in a pumpkin pie all help create our Thanksgivings memories. They are strong. Cinnamon has a long history and helped create our history. It spurred exploration of our world.

It was an embalming ingredient for the Egyptians and a costly treasure for the Romans. Decorate with scented candles and enjoy both the smell of the candle as well as the glow or warmth from the flame.

Texture is also an important influence in Thanksgiving décor from the knobby squash and pumpkins to the smooth as silk pumpkin pie. Use velvet and corduroy to accentuate your decor in your pillows, table decorations and other accents. Since the Thanksgiving season is about a month long, be bold. Make use of the warm colors and strong textures. Use grosgrain ribbon in a variety of sizes and colors to decorate pumpkins or candlesticks.

Take a page from the Impressionists and use the compliment colors of blue, green and purple to accent your overall warm theme. Visualize how they used the blue of the sky to compliment an orange roof or the deep yellow moon to highlight the purple night sky. The use of these colors will brighten and highlight the warmth of the season. Use a blue or purple bowl for holding small white and orange pumpkins

Most important of all, Thanksgiving is a time for family. It is a time of giving thanks and being grateful. It is a time for family member to celebrate and remember. Ask your family to participate in creating your Thanksgiving treasures. From the little ones with their hand colored “Thanksgiving Turkeys” made from tracing their fingers to collecting leaves and other foliage for the door wreath. Use your imagination to create a Thanksgiving family tradition.

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