Charming Vintage Easter Décor Design Ideas05
Charming Vintage Easter Décor Design Ideas05

88 Charming Vintage Easter Décor Design Ideas

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Charming vintage dinnerware can make your holiday gatherings even more special. Pretty pale colors, shiny glassware, and bold clear accent pieces are reminiscent of the colored Easter eggs, jelly beans, marshmallow chicks and other treats that many of us remember from our childhood Easter baskets.

Easter was one of the big holidays at our house. Ham, mashed potatoes and cherry pie were sure to be on the menu. And colored Easter eggs, of course, to eat plain or turn into deviled eggs.

To serve the afternoon dinner, Mom pulled out the big oval platters, large serving bowls, glass pie plates and other “best” dishes that were only used for Sunday family gatherings.

You can combine old and new dinnerware to put together a beautiful Easter table setting at your home this year.

Pretty vintage dishes can add to a beautiful Easter table setting, an enjoyable special meal, and inspire you to create new and different table settings throughout the year.

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