Beautiful Mid Century Furniture Ideas You Will Totally Love30
Beautiful Mid Century Furniture Ideas You Will Totally Love30

88 Beautiful Mid Century Furniture Ideas You Will Totally Love

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If you anxiously await the arrival of the next IKEA catalog, then you can understand the dilemma it brings with all the cute, and ‘affordable’ furniture that they have to offer. Then comes the beauty of attempting to assemble these over complicated and so called simple directions, with products made of particle wood and less than adequate utilities. You begin to realize that the furniture which was just purchased for a significant bargain may not last a move or two. Oh the days of Ikea will soon pass and you’ll want to move on to bigger and better things.

Welcome to the new way of functional and beautiful furniture, what happens when you outgrow Ikea and want a more grown up look. Pieces of furniture that not only will last decades if not longer, but is made of the highest quality materials with the idea of function over form. Bulky, poorly designed pieces of furniture don’t exist with mid century furniture.

The most outstanding part of this type of furniture is the sharp contrast that exists with other furniture types. Modern furniture focuses on the materials used, mixed with a sense of simplicity to offer a beautifully designed, uncluttered, and clean piece that signifies its beauty without being overdone.

You can easily recognize a mid century furnished home within seconds of walking into it. From the tastefully designed layout and implementation of furniture, to the simplicity and airiness found inside of the house. With typically a few pieces of well selected art that mixes so well with the beautiful teak colored woods. Using clean lines mid century furniture continues to be relevant in homes around the world.

Though first introduced during the ’50s this type of furniture is easily applicable in our daily lives and hasn’t lost that sense of modernism that it was originally developed with. Designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Euro Saarinen, Florence Knoll, and Miles van der Rone are all prominent figures in mid century furniture.

Turn the hectic and chaotic life that we are all so familiar with into a haven of simplicity and relaxation with mid century furniture. It’s a perfect outlet to express your feelings of function over form and truly creating a stress free home living environment. Sure Ikea may be cheap, but consider the price of the items when you need to replace them every couple of years. With mid century furniture you will have the pieces of furniture for decades to come without ever needing to replace it because of poorly setting it up in the first place.

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