Creative And Easy Diy Christmas Greeting Pallet Project 41
Creative And Easy Diy Christmas Greeting Pallet Project 41

88 Creative And Easy Diy Christmas Greeting Pallet Project

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Christmas doesn’t have to be a time where you spend all your time rushing round shops, it can be a time where you get together with the family and make things for Christmas.

A few simple ideas for this are going out collecting pine cones and interestingly shaped branches and using some gold or silver paint to make them sparkle. If you use some clear glue you can sprinkle glitter onto them to make them extra sparkly. Then use some cotton to tie round the bottom of the pine cone so that you can hang them from either your newly decorated branch or Christmas tree.

If you collect your old Christmas cards you can make labels for your presents out of them by choosing the best bits from the picture. You can also use the card to cut out stars which can then be painted bright colours to go on the tree. If you want something three dimensional you can cut out your shape so that you can glue several pieces together so that it has lots of sides. If you do lots of shapes the same size you can make the tree look really stylish by keeping them uniform.

If you want to get really creative you can draw a design out on paper and then stick it to a piece of flat board that you have sanded smooth (can be a bit of floorboard or pallet wood}. You then need a small hand held jigsaw to cut around the shape. Once you have cut all the way round the shape smooth off the wood with a piece of sand paper. Paint first with a bio friendly undercoat, followed by a bio friendly top coat this will mean that your wooden toy or decoration wont have any harmful elements to it.

The main thing with any of the above is to ensure that you use safe equipment where children are involved. You can buy round nosed scissors so that your children can cut out the shapes or if they are to young get them to colour the shapes in and then cut them out yourself. For adults you can do all of the above and use simple designs to give you quality presents and decorations.

Creative And Easy Diy Christmas Greeting Pallet Project

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