Cute Valentines Day Signs Ideas For Outdoors And Indoors 48
Cute Valentines Day Signs Ideas For Outdoors And Indoors 48

88 Cute Valentines Day Signs Ideas For Outdoors And Indoors

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The great advantage that women have in thinking up surprise valentine gifts is that men are easy to surprise. They are not as curious or inquisitive enough to catch on to covert planning behind their back as women are. But on the downside you cannot simply gift chocolates and flowers as a way out either.

You can start by paying attention to references made of gadgets and gizmos in the passing. He might have an eye out for a new mobile phone or video game, but just did not get around to purchasing it. If in doubt, you can have a quick chat with his friends to make sure you have the technical specifications down. You can hardly go wrong with gadgets when it comes to surprise valentine gifts.

Next to gadget most men are into sports. If you are a sports buff yourself you can get yourself a pair of tickets for a game. But if may not be the most romantic night ever. If you want to work in the gift with your dinner plans, think of sports memorabilia. Think in the line of signed baseballs or Soccer Caps as surprise valentine gifts when it comes to men. While presentations are not a big deal with men, a treasure hunt to his gift can be a definite surprise.

Photographs can often become great surprise valentine gifts. Make a collage of your special moments that you have left off in some computer folder and print it out and hang it over the bed. Or you can even make a quilt cover out of it and spend the evening at home, going through the memories together.

If your man is into adrenaline, then you can think of an exciting day together can be an idea for surprise valentine gifts. Go bungee jumping or rock climbing if you can keep up. Hot air ballooning can combine both adrenaline as well as a cozy time together. Taking the day off to go rafting or canoeing can be surprise valentine gifts, if he has no clue where you are heading to.

If your man prefers the dinner with wine set up then book a cozy resort with pools and spa, pack his clothes and just whisk him away for a stress free relaxing day or weekend with you. Be sure to confiscate his cell phone. Men love their woman to be passionate. You can make a card for your man, modeled like any store gift card which offers him “a sensuous massage” or a “lap dance” from you. He will definitely be excited and surprised and look forward to his gift when gets back home.

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