Creative Diy Pantry Storage Inspirations Ideas 22
Creative Diy Pantry Storage Inspirations Ideas 22

88 Creative Diy Pantry Storage Inspirations Ideas

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More than likely, you are like millions of other people who struggle with keeping the kitchen pantry neat and organized. Unfortunately, the design used by manufacturers for shelving remains to this day inadequate. Regardless if the pantry were small or large, or even used in a commercial setting, if made with the right type and style of shelving it would save tremendous time and effort.

Although this would be beneficial in the home, for commercial kitchens, time is money so proper organization is imperative. No matter your situation, instead of depending on a standard solution, it might be time to consider custom pantry shelving. For a situation such as this, it would be important to contract several manufacturers, requesting that a representative come to the home or restaurant to view and analyze the space, along with your specific needs.

For this, the professional would determine the types of foods and equipment kept in the pantry, the amount of traffic in and out of the space, and any special needs. For instance, if wine were kept in the pantry, then this would be considered or if some type of overhead storage were needed, the professional would make note.

With the compiled information, the professional would offer the best recommendation. Usually, stainless steel shelving would be suggested for a variety of reasons. For one thing, this material is extremely strong, capable of holding significant weight as long as the mount system was installed properly. Additionally, stainless steel is durable so even if the shelving were installed in a home, it would last far longer than any other material such as wooden shelves. Shelving of this type is also sanitary, something critical to commercial restaurants. With steel being a nonporous material, problems such as bacteria getting down into the small crevices or mold/mildew growing would be avoided.

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