Gorgeous Small Fireplace Makeover Ideas 33
Gorgeous Small Fireplace Makeover Ideas 33

88 Gorgeous Small Fireplace Makeover Ideas

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You are wondering how is it possible to change a fireplace around. It is understandable as a fireplace is constructed from brick and mortar and is concreted as a permanent part of your house. So one can understand if you feel like it is a major job to do. However, it may not be as gigantic as you think as their are ways of undertaking this task and making it easy. Should you do it and don’t like it you can always do it over again.

When thinking of your design you can work with the hearth and mantel to give your fireplace its individual style. The mantel is like a blank page and you can paint a brand new picture or construct a new design that suits you. If you prefer a romantic picture you can, if you are more on the mysterious side you may want to design something with this touch.

Some people prefer a youthful and fun look, whatever you choose is fine let your imagination run wild. If you are having a party you can easily make yours suit the occasion by using crepe paper, candles, balloons and tinsel.

You can start with some simple like hooks to enhance the mantel. You may also place some in the mortar, this will allow you to hang pictures,decorations etc. You can do this with a small drill bit, using the drill to create a hole directly into the wall so the hooks may be attached permanently. Scattering about half a dozen hooks in the appropriate locations will suit your purpose just fine.

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