Stunning Fancy French Country Dining Room Decor Ideas 47
Stunning Fancy French Country Dining Room Decor Ideas 47

88 Stunning Fancy French Country Dining Room Decor Ideas

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French Country decorating style finds its origins in the scenic villages and countryside of the Provence region of southeastern France. The look is casual and inviting. This decorating style has a rustic feel. Colors for the French Country decorating style are taken from the countryside.

Typical colors include soft foamy greens, bright yellows and golds, rust, red, blues, pinks and lavenders. Shades of red are dramatic in this decorating style. A combination of brilliant red with sunflower gold or cranberry red with dark golden mustard are popular color schemes. Also, burnt orange and copper, blue and yellow are popular choices. Mix and matching of colors and prints are often done.

Fabrics that are used in French Country design often have a repeating pattern. Countryside scenes, flowers, birds and nature scenes are used. The background of the fabric is often a neutral white or beige. The print is often red, blue, green, brown or black. Mixing fabrics such as plaids and prints are acceptable in this decor.

The furniture for this style is casual and practical. The furniture can be simple or elegant in design. It can be rustic wood, fine hardwoods or scrolled iron. The furniture often includes accents of iron, leather or tile. Furniture is sturdy and basic. For the dining room a large plank style dining table with caned chairs or benchesare often used.

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