Classy Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas 32
Classy Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas 32

88 Classy Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

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Bathroom fixtures designs have come a long way. From the elaborate Victorian to a much simple yet sophisticated contemporary look. Easy to say, over the years, we have seen bathroom fixtures design evolved by leaps and bounds. But in spite all the changes, there is one type of bathroom vanity design that remained popular and has withstood through time: the rustic bathroom vanity.

Commonly used as bathroom fixtures for log cabins and county homes, rustic vanities offer unique elegance and tranquil charm to the whole bathroom area. They come in different styles and design, which can be used to any type of bathroom design, be it antique or contemporary.

Choosing the right rustic vanity for your home is essential as it serves as the focal point of your bathroom. Select one according to the type of wood that is compatible to the bathroom theme, the design and decoration of the piece, size, the countertop and sink, finish, and price.

There are certain types of wood that can truly capture the rustic look of bathroom vanities. Such are mahogany, cherry, and oak. When coated properly with wood sealant, these types of wood can last for a very long time.

Finish is as important as the type of wood used for the rustic vanity. This is because it protects the wood from water damages and gives it the rustic appeal. Some vanities are hand painted with intricate designs, some are sanded for smoother finish; and some are just applied with wood sealant to achieve its most natural finish. Choose one that fits best to your bathroom design.

Rustic vanities are made from wood but the countertops and sink are made from a variety of materials. Porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum are some of the material used for vanity sinks; granite, wood, and other natural stones for the vanity countertops. Again, no matter what types of materials are used for the vanity countertop and sink, your choice should fit best to your bathroom design.

Admit it, a rustic vanity will make your log cabin or country home bathroom look stunningly warn and inviting. A fusion of old and new that vanity offers adds to the comforts of your home.


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