Gorgeous Colorful Led Decorative Wall Projection Lamp Ideas 45
Gorgeous Colorful Led Decorative Wall Projection Lamp Ideas 45

88 Gorgeous Colorful Led Decorative Wall Projection Lamp Ideas

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Lighting plan is of vital Importance to your home decoration project. Indoor lighting complements different moods, feelings and every-day shades, practically telling the art of living. With shades of light, you can change the ambiance from special to occasional and even extravagant, and create magic with special lighting effects.

Lighting – Making Your Home Look Brilliant

The decisions you make about home lighting can dramatically influence the feel of a room, making it warm and inviting, cozy and comfortable, or cold and distant at the flip of a switch. If chosen correctly, it can have just as much influence on the look and feel of a room as your best piece of furniture.

See some of the functions the lighting performs:

Focus Pocus:

Put lighting to work creating focal points. Add lights to direct the eye in a new direction by focusing on a piece of art, furniture or the mantel.

Dim Some:

Dimmers are an inexpensive trick-of-the-trade. They help set a special mood in the home by allowing you to manipulate the light. Install them at the wall for ceiling fixtures and even buy them for table lamps.

Space Case:

Add more drama to a space with accent lighting. By illuminating the top of a bookcase, adding under-cabinet lighting or hanging a colored pendant over the kitchen island, you can create islands of light that bring the grain of the wood, the print of the wallpaper or the color of a wall to life.

Showing Personalized Taste:

Every home is special. So is every individual, with his peculiar taste for shapes, patterns and inherent aesthetic sense. With all the decorative options out there today, you can use them to introduce your neighbors and guests to your taste when they are introduced into your home.

Entwining the Lighting with a Room’s Interior Design

How a room is lit can dramatically alter its look and feel. Entwining the lighting with a room’s interior design is pivotal in achieving the desired look whether it is minimalist, shabby chic or glamorous. Here we showcase some lighting ideas as follows:

Artwork features

Make a feature of your artwork with these rod lights. They come down from the ceiling and distribute an even light to the artwork – much like in a gallery. Choose a subtle color so the light blends in with the rest of the room.

Porcelain pendants

Pendants made from a natural finish such as porcelain work well with the earthy natural colors that are popular in interiors, as opposed to chrome or white fittings, which tend to clash with natural furnishings. Aluminum also matches well with natural interiors and isn’t as pricey.

Entertaining areas

The emerging trend of indoor/outdoor living has led to the integration of indoor/outdoor lighting. A flick of a switch will light up the water feature and deck as well as the indoor eating area, forcing the fusion of indoors and outdoors. Create this effect by automating.

Feature pendants

Feature pendants are great because they are a good light source as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Aligning three in a row creates a focal point for the room and distributes decent light to all corners. Try using feature pendants in the living room where good light is needed for entertaining, reading and television viewing.


Chandeliers are the perfect way to add a bit of glamour to your home. One thing to remember is that they are a feature art-piece rather than the sole light source. If there is a feature chandelier in the room, the main light will come from down lights and up lights distributed subtly throughout the room.

Innovative Home Lighting Ideas – Mood Light

Mood Light is the innovative lighting device, which allows you to control your own light scenarios. With the remote control you can change colors, functions and light sequences. It can create personalized lighting scenarios, changing atmosphere blue, red, yellow, intense, soft, warm, cool…

They spotlight your most precious possessions, they allow you to see your flat screen television better and they let you set the mood for the music that you like to listen to. This lamp can be wall or ceiling mounted, or set on a table.

Market Potential for Home Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures complement a home’s architectural design; there is an ever-rising demand for them in the market now. For example, there’s been a growth in the availability of taller fixtures because homes being built today have higher ceilings. Eight feet used to be the standard. Today it’s more like nine or ten feet and you need to find ways to fill the space.”

The materials of choice for those fixtures also have changed. People are moving away from the plastic and resin look that used to be so popular in newer homes, and preferring the old world look — brass and copper, crystal chandeliers, and things like that.

The drive for the change is due to consumer interest, utility initiatives, and regulations encouraging energy-efficient devices.

Don’t Wait: To buy lighting fixtures, it is important to plan earlier than other decorating ideas because there are frequently decisions that need to be made relative to the location and type of electrical outlet installation during construction. These decorative fixtures often are built according to individual order, so it needs time. For the purchase on line, You can choose from the china manufacturer directory.

Lighting With Energy Efficiency In Mind

The lighting industry as a whole is putting a lot of emphasis on that right now. A lot of companies have brand-new decorative chandeliers, pendants and table lamps out this year that take fluorescent bulbs rather than incandescent one. Fluorescents last longer and are dimmable so they use less energy than your everyday incandescent.

Simple changes in the lighting can improve lighting quality and optimize energy efficiency.

Reduce light levels where there are no visual tasks.

Reduce glare and brightness contrast.

Use daylight where possible and practical.

A little planning and willingness to think differently about your lighting can provide significant savings.

Lighting Quality

Quality Counts: No matter what your budget, opt for timeless materials like bronze and glass over their plastic counterparts. Timeless designs in top materials will always look right and can become family heirlooms.

Test It: Try before you buy. In most instances, you can take a lamp home, try it and bring it back if it doesn’t work.

Take Your Time: Give lighting as much consideration as other decorating decisions like flooring, wall covering, and furniture. Create a master plan of how you want the finished house to look, and work at it over a year or two. Use your camera. Bring a digital image of the room and see what is not working. Make the lighting fixtures the statement to complement the room.

Design Trend for the Decorative Lighting

Casual elegance: The creation of warm, relaxed and comfortable environments with casual lighting that is a little more upscale in design.

Simplified traditional: Remove the excess and simplify. Decorative lighting here may be solid brass, but stripped down and rich with antique patina.

Soft contemporary: Clean, modern and simple in style. While architectural in design, these fixtures are no longer cold.


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