Amazing Diy Shoes Racks And Shelves Ideas 39
Amazing Diy Shoes Racks And Shelves Ideas 39

88 Amazing Diy Shoes Racks And Shelves Ideas

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When you think of racking and shelving you might find the first image that comes to mind is that of a DIY store or warehouse. It’s easy to forget about storage in the home and many of us make do with stacking stuff up on limited shelves or in the corner of a garage or loft space. It’s amazing that when used properly just how much racking and shelving can improve your lifestyle. Here’s a look how racking and shelving can be used in different rooms of the house.

The Garage

Whether you have a garage attached to your house or separate it’s all too easy for them to become a dumping ground for all sort of things. Some people can’t even fit their cars in anymore due to having so much stuff inside. Gardening tools, old bikes, chest freezers and washing machines can mean that going into the garage to find anything becomes a real chore.

Implementing racking and shelving can sort this mess out and give you back your precious garage space, allowing you to once again park your car in there without fear of it scrapping it on something. Racking is the most common way of creating storage for a garage as it can be assembled as free standing and positioned at one end, without having to be screwed to a wall and because racking is supported at all four corners it’s generally stronger.

The study or home office

If you’re lucky enough to have a home office or even a corner of a room where you keep a computer you might find space an issue. With monitors, keyboards and printers it’s easy to feel cluttered and unmotivated to do much work there. Putting shelving up above your computer allows you to move the printer there and even your computer tower to gain some much needed space. Internet routers can also be placed there.

The bedroom

One of the hardest rooms to keep tidy is the bedroom. Clothes and shoes seem to form little mounds everywhere and trying to relax when your room is untidy can be difficult. By implementing a racking and shelving system such as a cupboard you’ll be able to tidy everything away, making for a more enjoyable environment.


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