Inspiring Functional Ideas For Decorating Small Bathroom 40
Inspiring Functional Ideas For Decorating Small Bathroom 40

88 Inspiring Functional Ideas For Decorating Small Bathroom

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Whether you live in a small apartment or house or simply have small spaces in a large apartment or house, small areas present decorating challenges. Learning to decorate small spaces and small rooms involves several guidelines to help your small space seem bigger and function better.

Paint Color and Pattern

If you have plenty of natural light in a room, feel free to go with a darker color on the walls. Accent with a lighter color woodwork for contrast or for more mundane woodwork, paint with semi gloss paint to match the flat wall color.

Furniture Arrangement and Size

Dividing furniture in small, intimate groupings is usually preferable to having one larger conversation area. A room will be more attractive if the furniture is moved away from the walls. Consider placing larger pieces of furniture, such as, beds, couches, and cabinets at an angle rather than up against the walls.

Illusion of Space

An ample number of mirrors and adequate lighting are vitally important when space is limited. Add a mirror in a windowless hallway or bathroom. Include several sources of lighting in each room with light coming from several different directions and heights.

High and Low

Remember, the space in an area always includes more than the floor space. It also includes the vertical space in a room. In addition, it includes those horizontal and vertical extensions of sight into adjoining areas. By drawing the eye to space above and below eye level, you can fool the brain into perceiving that any space is larger than it really is. So, accent the vertical space with columns, cabinets, bookcases, crown moldings, etc. Draw attention to open areas of the floor by adding interest with an area rug, textured flooring or a rich color that attracts the eye.

Multifunction Rooms

The space in many homes today is underutilized. Think of how many hours a day you spend in each room and how that room could be used more effectively. For example, a seldom-used corner of a family room can be used for workout equipment. Place an attractive room divider screen at an angle in front of the equipment to detract attention away from the area.


Adequate shelving in a room can be used to store books as well as display accessories and plants. Place baskets on shelves to store small or unattractive items which will make the shelves appear more organized and at the same time functional.

These ideas and tips for decorating small rooms and small spaces can be put into place immediately to help make your home or apartment more attractive and comfortable.


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