46 Simply And Minimalist Rustic Living Room Décor Ideas

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Let your living room reflect your personality and lifestyle. Try incorporating a theme and make an impressive statement. It takes some basic decorating elements to bring a particular theme of life. Apart from traditional and contemporary, there are themes that are surprisingly easy to recreate. Color, texture, furniture and accessories are some elements that tie up a theme. Some require little investment whereas some are expensive makeovers.


This is a common though popular theme that is sometimes foisted upon people because of inherited furniture. This theme has a timeless appeal. Wood and silk make a good combination with ornate extras like wall hangings and artifacts throwing in their weight. Heavy wood sofas, chairs, tables, Persian / woolen carpets, silk furnishings and accessories of brass and bronze make this theme a cozy affair. Heavy, ornate lines cast a resplendent look, be it in furniture or in details like picture frames and wall hangings. The rich hue of silken colors adds flair to furnishings like curtains, cushion covers and upholstery. Large figurines of brass or bronze are almost mandatory to this theme; the rich trappings of this theme require neutral colors on the wall and traditional flooring of marble or wood.


This theme is generally defined b straight, sleek lines and forms. Stylish metal sofas with leather upholstery, minimal color furnishings, smart area rugs with bold designs and sculptures of modern materials like metal and glass add stature to this theme. Straight lines are emphasized in all details like wall hangings and artifacts. Neutral colors with interesting textures on an accent wall complement the decor. Flooring can also be neutral so that bright rugs can make an impact. Thick carpets are popular with this look. This theme is modern and bright but on the flip side it can get outdated quickly.

Spanish Hacienda

Think Mediterranean and splurge on blue, green, ochre, rose and white – colors typifying Spanish home interiors. This theme is eclectic and can take a lot of color and mix and match. But stick to one main color and a few accent colors. Warm colors in wood will make your living room bask and pleasant glow. This decor has a lot of white in furnishings. Terracotta tiled flooring, faux finishes on walls and colorful tapestries as well hangings or runners create a sunny look. Look out for accessories ad wall hanging of wrought iron, burnished bronze knick knacks and colorful ceramic pottery.


A minimalist pleases the eye for its elegant simplicity. Natural colors of bamboo and wood are abundant here along with white on walls. Windows can be dressed in bamboo blinds. Furniture with low, sleek lines work well for this decor. A mellow shade of wood is preferable. Low floor seating arrangements adds to the minimalism. A few large artifacts can be arranged in a symmetrical manner. Neutral colored carpets of jute or coir are good. To break the monotony of sober colors, indulge in streaks of bold colors that can appear randomly in wall hangings or furnishings. Potted green plants can also break the monotony. Alternately, have one bold focal point in an otherwise subtle decor. How about a large golden idol? Remember to keep the décor understated and clutter-free.


This is an easy theme to create. A western rustic look can be created with log furniture and appropriate accessories. Horseshoes, pine cones, mirrors with frames of log or metal accessories that add up to the effect. Furnishings are simple including the curtain panels for windows and doors. A fireplace with a decorative mantle looks good. Accent walls of terracotta rustic décor with alcoves and the gleam of copper makes an inviting theme. Wooden hand-painted furniture, coir mats, earthen pottery, brassware, handicrafts and bright primary colors for furnishings will look right.

There are a number of themes that are waiting to be explored. Nautical (blue and white with seashells and model ships), Oriental (Chinese style furniture with jade accents and accessories), Retro (off-beat colors), and Colonial (dark wood and leather) are some themes that you ca try out. Remember to be focused on the theme that you have chosen. Try not to stray from the path and buy things that catch the eye but do not go with the theme. Create the theme with subtle implications rather than ‘in the face’ cluttered look. Keep it simple and be within a realistic budget. Flip through magazines for pictures of the theme that you want. This will give you an idea of what is exactly required.


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