Stylish Privacy Fence For Backyard And Frontyard Ideas 31
Stylish Privacy Fence For Backyard And Frontyard Ideas 31

88 Stylish Privacy Fence For Backyard And Frontyard Ideas

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Being the busy people we are it makes sense that finding simple backyard landscaping solutions becomes necessary. If you are thinking that it is impossible to build and maintain a beautiful backyard, then you are in for a surprise here. It is actually achievable.

The backyard is often used by families for barbecues, playground and other family gatherings. Take a cue from the latest trend today. Many have started planting a vegetable garden and this can be a real money saver.

The first step in backyard landscaping is to visualize how it will look like when completed. You can always refer to magazines or take a look at your neighborhood for ideas.

The second step to landscaping your backyard is of course to do a full measurement of the space. This is helpful whether you are simply doing a makeover or starting from scratch. Be sure to map everything out including the position of your trees, garden features, small pathways, etc.

Allocate a playground or play area if there are young kids at home. Make sure that it does not interfere with your vegetable garden if you have one. Separate them if you can to prevent your kids from trampling on the vegetables.

For those who have a lot of space for a vegetable garden, consider using raised beds. You may not be aware but 3 plots of 4 by 4 feet square beds are enough to provide your family with enough vegetables. Make sure that it gets southern exposure. Try to secure a corner towards the back fence to maximize your backyard space. Set up a garden netting at about 6 to 7 inches away from your fence and make use of this belt for growing beans, peas and flowers if you wish.

Assuming you have a patio or deck, this is where you can place your outdoor furniture and barbecue pit. Outdoor lighting is necessary here. Cabling would be needed.

When placing flower pots, it is important to make it look nice from both the outside and the inside. Check out which plants are suitable for your climate conditions. Use ground-hugging plants as these allow for foot traffic without getting damaged easily.

When all these are ready and the plan is fully drafted, either engage the services of a local nursery or do it yourself. In any case, this exercise will be a fun one!

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