Wonderful Recycled Garden Ideas 34
Wonderful Recycled Garden Ideas 34

88 Wonderful Recycled Garden Ideas

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The recycled garden is starting to be all the rage in this era of trying to live greener. A large part of green living is not only conservation but recycling and re-purposing things. This can be very easily adapted to your garden as well. There are many things that can be incorporated in to the garden that are recycled lets take a look at a few.

Of course the first thing on the list is mulch for years mulch has been made from left over wood from tree harvesting it is all natural and a way to keep extra material out of the land fill. Today though there are more alternatives that will recycle man made materials into a useful garden product rubber mulch is one of them. Rubber mulch is made from ground up tires. The technology of today enables the manufacturer to not only shred the tire rubber to look like natural wood chips they have perfected the coloring to emulate that of natural wood. The advantages of rubber mulch over wood based mulch are the product does not break down, the color last many years, and also rubber mulch does not wick water so weed seeds will not readily germinate in it.

Garden Benches Picnic Tables And Seating
The manufacture of recycled garden furniture has come a long ways in the past few years. Now a days durable good looking almost maintenance free products are being produced. The colors and textures rival that of traditional materials. The best part of these products is that while very attractive and functional they are keeping millions of milk jugs from going out of your refrigerator and in to the land fill.

Recycled Glass
Recycled glass is gaining popularity in the garden. Tumbled glass is being turned into decorative mulch in many colors. Recycled windshields are being melted and molded into large Glass Rocks to use as garden accents. Glass gravel can be used in your gas fire pits and will not melt while giving you interesting color and texture.

Plastic Decking
Another use for recycled plastic is decking material. Today manufacturing processes have made it possible to produce a good looking plastic wood that hold up well to the elements and requires very little maintenance. The array of colors and textures emulate that of real wood and ease of cleaning and maintenance make this an increasingly popular choice in outdoor decking material.

This is only a few of the products available in the market today to help you build a garden using recycled material. I urge to consider using recycled material in your next garden project and making the earth a little more greener.


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