Brilliant Rustic Farmhouse Style Living Room Design Ideas 42
Brilliant Rustic Farmhouse Style Living Room Design Ideas 42

88 Brilliant Rustic Farmhouse Style Living Room Design Ideas

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In trying to decipher which style is what, one can become confused at best. While there are specific elements relating to each style, country, French country and rustic themes can all be easily intertwined. Years ago, room themes centered around a period in time, such as Victorian, Art Deco, and Early Colonial. As the years have passed, these too have been mixed. Now, a room’s theme can be designed around one specific element and furniture from different periods mixed to achieve the desired results.

The interior designer’s goal is to produce a coordinated and well-balanced design in which the building’s structure, purpose, and visual features of the interior are combined to produce a welcoming feeling to its guests.

The country home decor theme can include light stained wood pieces, simple cabinets and unpretentious wood knobs and handles. It can be centered around one specific barn animal, an apple, a type of flower or mixed. It usually includes a large opened kitchen that is the center of the family’s day. It always presents a welcoming atmosphere with delicious smells lingering in the air.

French country home decor usually includes a color scheme of red, white and black. Its large, comfortable kitchens and living rooms include exposed beams, tiled or stone floors and a stone fireplace. French country style has a warm and casual feel that is always welcoming. Most everyone recognizes the French doors utilizing multi-paned windows that are associated with this style.

When you think of the rustic style, simple handmade items come to mind. Rustic furniture is extremely textural but no longer rickety and cheap. This style has evolved into using beautiful woods, tall doors, open spaces and twiggy charm.

All three styles use natural materials, quilts, farmhouse authentic materials and large spaces. French country can even be said to have a rustic feel! So, again I ask, what is your style?

Your style can be whatever you want to make it-just make sure it is pleasing to your eye and balanced. There are various ways to achieve designing your home d├ęcor from hiring an interior designer to choosing each piece yourself. However you choose to decorate, remember that each component should contribute to the architectural style, purpose of the room, and maintain a consistent standard of quality.


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