Genius Diy Wine Rack Ideas Offer Unique Touch Home 35
Genius Diy Wine Rack Ideas Offer Unique Touch Home 35

88 Genius Diy Wine Rack Ideas Offer Unique Touch Home

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I was looking at an interesting bar item the other day. It might have held about sixty bottles of wine and only stood about three feet tall. It was an interesting table and wine rack idea that anyone could use for just about any room of the house.

The design consisted of a glass table top and a steel bar frame. The wine bottles were held in “S” shaped steel rod designs that were welded together. It was a simple design that a metal fabricator could easily duplicate. But as I sat there looking at that wine rack table, I wondered what it would take for a regular person like you and me to make.

Anyone who has the ability to learn to weld would be better off than the rest of us when it comes to putting this project together. They could simply weld the metal “S” shaped metal rod designs together and have a very sturdy frame. Then, sand the welds down so that they are smooth and they don’t stand out like soar thumbs.

So what about the rest of us? I thought that drilling holes through the “S” shaped metal rod designs where they would go together and then using rivets would be something we all could accomplish with relative ease. Could you imagine having a beautiful designer table that holds a rather huge selection of wine and not spending the money that it takes to purchase such a designer table?

Begin with the inner ring. It would be a cylindrical structure with about a two foot circumference and a height of three feet. It could easily be constructed with four metal rods and seven metal rings. Attach the rings to the rods so that you have one top ring and six rings evenly distributed down the rods where the bottle necks would be held.

Once you have completed constructing the centerpiece, you would need to put together ten column pieces for the outer ring. They are constructed by putting three “S” shaped metal rods together for each column. The “S” shaped metal rods are obviously about a foot in length, which would make the “S” shape about six inches in width. This creates a circumference of about five feet. But, that’s only a diameter of about one and a half feet. So the table doesn’t require a whole lot of space, which makes the amount of wine it can hold ingenious.

You’ll need a glass top to finish the design and then place it in the corner where it will catch the eye of your friends and family. Place a bottle of wine and two glasses on top just for an added touch of class. It just might be the one piece of furniture that makes you the most proud because you are the one who built it.


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