Creative Winter Door Decoration Ideas Preschool 37
Creative Winter Door Decoration Ideas Preschool 37

88 Creative Winter Door Decoration Ideas Preschool

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The star of one of the most groundbreaking preschool television series to ever be screened, Blues Clues is Blue. This absolutely adorable little girl puppy has friends whom she communicates with through bark language. The intriguing part of the show is the fame of Blue’s Clues; Blue leaves clues (paw print clues) for her friends to find.

If you have a small child who is an ardent fan of Blues Clues and loves Blue (who wouldn’t!), then a Blues Clues birthday party is very much in order. You can add a lot of fun and excitement to your Blues Clues themed birthday party – send out fancy invitations featuring the party theme.

You will find some really fun ideas and party supplies below on how to make your child’s Blues Clues birthday party a resounding success.

  • Blue Clues invitations: you will find plenty to choose from and the choice is yours to buy them pre-printed or to get creative and go online to design an invitation using your own creative genius and then print off in color.
  • Decorations: Go for broke and decorate the front of your home and the garden as well with lots of silver, blue and clear balloons. Use blue streamers strung from the bushes and trees and hang a big banner that reads “Welcome to Blue’s Party” above the front door or even hang it over your gate. Outline big paw prints leading up the garden path to the front door; you can draw them using color chalks.
  • Put up blue curtains (if you have them) and decorate Blue’s “Thinking Chair” all done up in red, which you can set up in a corner of the room. Better yet, get a big stuffed version of Blue and put it on the chair – not difficult for sure, just rummage around in your child’s playroom. You are sure to find lots of Blues Clues theme toys in your child’s treasure chest, decorate the room with them.
  • The table can boast a grand center piece, place mats, crockery and cutlery, napkins and more. Don’t forget to put some of Blue’s friends on the table as well.

Make sure to stand at the door and greet your kid’s pals with a little welcome gift – a Handy Dandy notebook would be a good idea or a Blues Clues coloring book. You will also find plenty of party supplies to choose from and you can make a choice based on the ages of the children who come to the party.

With all the fun and good cheer being planned it is easy to overlook one very important aspect, child safety. If you are planning the party indoors you will need to make sure that the room is childproofed thoroughly and that all exits are properly closed off.


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