Best Way To Decorate Your Small Space For Christmas 48
Best Way To Decorate Your Small Space For Christmas 48

88 Best Way To Decorate Your Small Space For Christmas

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Christmas is that time of year we all wait for, a time for giving and receiving gifts. It is that time of the year when the whole family gathers together to celebrate this joyous occasion. What better time to do up your house than now.

You may want to change the whole look of the house, changing your rugs and even doing some refurbishment or just clean it up from top to bottom. To change the whole look, work should be started a month before Christmas otherwise a nice paint job should do the trick. A little creativity, planning before hand and color co-ordination with furniture and accessories should make your home attractive. Discard clutter or unwanted things from the house to show more open space. Furniture should be re-arranged to enhance the look of the place.

If your sofa appears too bland and you don’t want to spend money on buying one then you can buy beautiful sofa covers or get them made and still get the look you want. Some lace or showy curtains and a grand rug that covers the sitting area would gel well with the decor of the room. There are rugs especially designed for this occasion so you may want to want to get one of those for the Christmas period. Even if you do not want to get an area rug with a distinctly Christmas scene, you can still get one that features the colors of Christmas either in a monotone or an eclectic blend of red, green and white.

Since the living room and the dining room are the two places where guests will be entertained mostly during Christmas, these are the rooms that should be decorated the most though if you do have children they would surely insist on having their room decorated too for Christmas. The Christmas tree is the first thing I would recommend, to decorate your home, as it is the main thing that a child looks forward to on Christmas day. Decorations made in the shape of mistletoes and bells, snowmen and Santa are lovely to hang around in the house. Try your hands at making them and later they can be proudly shown off. Poinsettia’s, Christmas candles and stockings placed or hanging from the mantel, at this time of the year, would add a touch of glamour to the room. A big Christmas wreath with hollies, bows and ribbons would be a welcome sight at the door.

The dining room is another place where the family meets and so would be the next place to decorate. A beautiful centerpiece on the dining table would be the highlight of this room, arranged with fresh or artificial poinsettia’s and greens making it attractive. Christmas candles decorated with flowers placed on the table along with little Christmas sweets or chocolates in different shapes like stars, Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa’s, fruits, flowers, etc delicately placed in small baskets would look excellent, these come handy as ‘give-aways’ to adult guests especially since Christmas is the time for giving. Not forgetting your children and all the small guests who come by, at this time of the year, by placing fancy gifts near the Christmas tree


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