Casual Porch Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor 41
Casual Porch Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor 41

88 Casual Porch Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor

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We all know the advantages of outdoor wall lighting for your home, but for those of you who do not know every advantage I will go over them now. These advantages are lighting your front door, back porch, walkways at night and lighting up your driveway from your garage wall. Outdoor wall lighting adds security to your home. With your home security system, these lights will deter would be burglars from attempting to break in and enter your home and upset your life by invading your privacy.

Along with the advantages of outdoor wall lighting comes something I like to call style. Anyone can install outdoor lighting using any old lighting fixture, but if you are like me, you want the outside of your home to look good from the ground up.

Choosing outdoor wall lighting fixtures is an art. You have to do certain things in order to make sure your wall lighting decisions are just right. Let me take you through the procedure I use to make my final decision.

First of all you have to know what outside walls around your home you wish to install these lights. Do you need to light up the front yard, back yard, front door, back porch or driveway? Once you have this determined, we will go on to the next step.

Okay, now what you have to do is consider the style of your home. The style of outdoor wall lighting you install around your home must match up with the style of your home. Be sure to find a lighting style that enhances the look of your home. With all the outdoor wall lighting fixtures available today, you will have no problem bringing down your final decision to four or five styles that will work for your home. From there you will have to make your final decision.

The next decision you will make is how you would like to control your outdoor lighting. You have three choices. The three choices are a manual switch, a timer switch or a motion sensor switch. With a standard manual switch you have to manually turn on and turn off your outdoor wall lighting. With a timer switch you set the time of day you wish to turn on and turn off your outdoor wall lighting. With a motion sensor switch the outdoor wall lighting will only turn on when a motion is detected in the darkness of night.

In today’s economy it is a good idea to plan on using energy efficient lighting. It is a good idea to use CFL (Compact Florescent Lights) whenever possible. These energy saving light bulbs project bright light using less power to operate than standard incandescent light bulbs. The CFL light bulbs are more costly but in the long run these light bulbs last much longer and will eventually pay for themselves by lowering your electric bill.

Working with electricity is not always safe. Be sure that you have the knowledge and experience to do the job safely. If you are not sure you know how to install outdoor wall lighting safely, then find an electrical contractor in your area and have them install your outdoor lighting.

So now you have a good idea on how to decide on what type of outdoor wall lighting will be the perfect match for your home. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the large selection of outdoor wall lighting fixtures available to you. Take your time and make sure your final decision on style, finish and size are an expression of your good taste in outdoor decor. And in the end let everyone who takes advantage of your newly lighted outdoor walls know what a brilliant example of artful lighting can do to enhance the outer beauty of your home.


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