88 Perfect Scandinavian Home Office Design Ideas

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With the recession deepening and job security a rising concern amongst many middle managers throughout the UK, home based business start ups look set to boom over the next few years.

The sophisticated buyers of today would do well to learn from the mistakes of many previous home start up businesses and not settle for working from the kitchen table or the spare room. The distractions of working within a house environment are many, children, pets, news, radio and unexpected visitors to name but a few.

Until recently the affordable ways in which to build a purpose built office away from the house have been limited by three major factors, cost, planning permission and insulation to allow for all year round comfort and security.

As the European marketplace has become more integrated and exchanges of goods and services between European countries now being as frequent as if they were a few miles away, one introduction to the market place aimed directly at solving the issue of home offices is the technology brought to the UK by Scandinavian Quality Log Cabins.

For centuries the Scandinavians have known how slow grown Nordic Pine buildings can withstand extreme temperatures and by insulating the walls and ceiling, double or triple glazing the windows and complying with current building regulations the home office solution can be found through a log cabin designed in the same way Scandinavian Log Homes have been built for years.

By adapting to the high demand for home business start ups, a well built home office in the garden solves many of the problems that can hinder the effective running of what is a serious business. Using your garden to get extra living space is far more cost effective than a brick built extension.

With wireless internet connectivity, laptops & cordless phones, all the communication issues seem effortless compared with just a few short years ago. By having a separate office space in which to develop your business, without distractions or losing focus, you will find that it pays for itself over and over in years to come.

By simply leaving the house and taking a short commute to the garden office each day, you will find your days increase in productivity and it will enhance the feeling of not only being in business but also having a sense of a timetable and an agenda just as you would if you were at the beck and call of your old boss.


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