Popular Pink Furniture Inspiration Ideas For Bedroom37
Popular Pink Furniture Inspiration Ideas For Bedroom37

88 Popular Pink Furniture Inspiration Ideas For Bedroom

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Bedrooms are sometimes the only place in the house where we can go and be alone, the living room, dining room and kitchen are accessible to everyone but a bedroom is usually viewed as a private area and in most cases people won’t go in there unless they have been invited in.

Generally, except if the family move house, we stay in the same bedroom throughout our childhood. Unless you have one of those mothers who likes to spring clean once a year and give all your things away, then we tend to accumulate a wealth of objects and things over the years including toys, various items made during our school years, books, puzzles and games, ornaments, stuffed teddies, and the list goes on and on.

Fitted wardrobes are one way to control and store all our belongings without having to take drastic measures and throw or give precious belongings away. They are perfect space savers as those wooden doors have the ability to hide a multitude of things and keep them stacked neatly and tidily away. Shelves, drawers and hanging racks give plenty of room to hang clothes, heap jumpers and shirts and store underwear.

The wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any bedroom. The great thing about them is that they can free up floor space within the room for activities that kids enjoy, jigsaws, computer games and board games are just a few that springs to mind. You can choose to have your fitted wardrobes custom built if desired as this will ensure you get exactly what’s needed. Other bedroom furniture, such as a pine chest of drawers, can then be matched to complement the wardrobe and the finished look will be stunning.

Headboards can really add to a room’s character and come in all kinds of materials from solid wood and leather to upholstered boards, metal, and even woven ones. Traditional arch top woven headboards in rattan or banana leaves can bring a touch of the tropical to a room for a cool and tranquil setting. When selecting a headboard there are many points to think about regarding its size, shape, colour and type and, of course, price is always a major factor when purchasing bedroom furniture.

Whether the room is for a child or an adult a pine headboard can suit all ages, however the style will differ greatly. Young children will like something colourful or fun like the Jack & Jemima range in solid pine that is available in a warm white, or with a pink or blue accent, whilst older kids don’t want anything too fancy, which is why pine is such a good choice. Check out the Princeton, a Shaker-inspired collection in a choice of panelled and slatted bed options and popular with teenagers, or something from the Atlantis range that has a character all of its own and looks appealing in any bedroom setting with solid wood frames inset with oak veneered panels and a contemporary style.

Pine furniture is always a popular choice with homeowners due to its attractive hue and the fact it looks good in any room, headboards in Brunswick pine have a classic look that never dates and its chunky effect is smart and chic. Great value for money the high quality craftsmanship includes dovetailed drawers and tongue and groove joints, and when finished in a smoked oak lacquer which enhances the natural grain of the wood is particularly attractive.

Super king size headboards in painted pine are also best sellers, especially in white as this gives it an elegant look and character that appeals to adults and children alike. When white is combined with a darker wood the result is often eye-catching and contemporary.

You’ll find a great variety of fitted bedrooms available in all kinds of interesting and beautiful designs and styles helping you build a wonderful ambience in the space you have.


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