Newest Spring Mantels Design Ideas21
Newest Spring Mantels Design Ideas21

41 Newest Spring Mantels Design Ideas

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If you are not so fortunate as to own a home built during the Victorian era, you can still enjoy the style of the times in the form of a fireplace mantel from the Victorian period. These fireplace mantels are saved from homes that are slotted for demolition or a thorough remodel, and are refinished and restored to their original beauty. You can purchase a Victorian fireplace mantel online or from a warehouse that specializes in selling these restored beauties.

Once your Victorian mantel is professionally installed (you should never attempt to install it yourself unless you are in fact a professional), you can begin the delightful task of deciding what should be placed on or around the mantel.

There are many choices for décor, and the first is whether you want to be period authentic or not. If you are interested only in decorations from the Victorian era itself, then your options are limited somewhat and you should do thorough research before you purchase anything.

If you are interested in the antique look without needing your décor to be exactly authentic to the Victorian era, then there are many antique shops to choose from all throughout England and the rest of the UK. The style of antique that you should be looking for depends entirely on your choice of fireplace mantel, and how you want to work it in with the rest of your room.

If you are hoping to decorate your Victorian era mantel with a more modern set of decorations, then you likely know exactly what you are looking for already. Candles and mirrors in some combination go very well with your Victorian mantel, and will bring an additional level of light into your home. If you are looking for something like flowers, silk flowers or dried blossoms will keep for a lot longer than fresh flowers, and will require almost no maintenance to continue bringing a touch of spring to your parlor.

If you are more interested in photographs on your mantel, look for ones that complement your Victorian fireplace mantel without blending in. Try blending elegant metal frames with an intricately carved Victorian mantel, but save frames with harsh lines for a simple, rounded mantel design. Blend metal with wood if you like, but make sure that the colors are different enough to make your frames really stand out to the viewer. Glass is especially nice for framing with almost any Victorian mantel.

No matter how you choose to decorate your Victorian era mantelpiece, it will surely look beautiful. This era in our history stood for prosperity and gain, and adding a piece of that past to your modern home could be a sign of prosperity for you now.


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