Delightful Spring Table Decoration Ideas37
Delightful Spring Table Decoration Ideas37

43 Delightful Spring Table Decoration Ideas

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The focal point on each table at your wedding reception is the centerpiece. Many times there are games or elimination activities where one guest will win the coveted display to take home. It may seem like a small detail but certainly one that should not be overlooked. The entire room will have table after table displaying your choice of table center and it will certainly work effectively to enhance your theme or the mood you are going for if you select wisely.

The powerful statement you choose for table centers can be pretty much anything your heart desires. You can be traditional, you can be comical, and you can be brilliant and unique with this selection. These items can be a continuation of and item, color scheme or theme you have repeated in other aspects of the wedding decorations. An example would be to use small votive candles on a mirrored or reflective surface. You can even scatter the area with rose petals. These votives could be positioned as part of the decorations on the tiers of your wedding cake as well. The vases may have a lily, rose, or Asian symbol, be little Victorian chairs or good luck elephant that serve to tie in the theme. You can even have the candles floating in a beautiful crystal vessel to create even more reflective surfaces. They can a do a double duty and be the wedding favor for guests to take home.

Flowers are always a traditional favorite and you can ask your florist what will last well and what is easily available to save on costs. You can enhance this display but using dynamic colors, adding ribbons, feathers, accessorize the vase and again, can include those candles that offer dancing light around your centerpiece as well. Potted plants are nice and again make a fun gift for someone to take home. Or a new trend is arrangements of fruit instead of flowers and you have something for the guests to snack on as the night goes on. These are especially nice when it’s a spring or summer wedding and fruits are in season.

Small strands of battery operated mini lights can be wound through your vase, candlestick or basket. Lighting is very effective to create a romantic mood. A new trend too is looking into eco-friendly table centers from recycled items. The base of your floral arrangement can be from recycled glass, or twig baskets to suggest just a few ideas that those thinking of the environment have put to the forefront when selecting a wedding table centerpiece.

It is part of the reception that really works to set the tone and create a mood and should not be overlooked. There are no hard and fast rules on what you need to have. You can personalize your wedding decorations including the table center and these don’t necessarily have to cost a bundle. Anything that reflects you and your partner as a couple can be turned into a very meaningful and brilliant centerpiece.


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