Minimalist Farmhemian Decor Ideas For Spring40
Minimalist Farmhemian Decor Ideas For Spring40

88 Minimalist Farmhemian Decor Ideas For Spring

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Most of the more extreme designs you see on the loading page are an optical illusion. There are four primary tools you can use to create these illusions: hay bales, trees, fences and the plow tool. If you have the smallest farm size available, you will need to upgrade to the biggest piece of land your coins and farm cash can afford. You will also need time and patience to place the large number of decorations required to create the look you desire.

Hay bales and fences, a cheap choice, come in a variety of colors and can be used many ways. For example, did you know you could use gray, black and white hay bales to create a road? Deep blue bales create the appearance of water such as a lake or waterfall. In order to create a special look with hay bales and fences you must place them at the correct angle and spacing from one another. For a stacked look, you need them to be just far enough apart that instead of looking like there is a gap between them it actually looks like the bottom is touching the top or middle of the other.

If you desire a farm with rolling hills, get out your plow. You should stagger your plots of plowed earth in two piece sections to make machine use easy and to create a wavy look to your land. You also need to stagger your trees along the same line to further illustrate the illusion. Trees are especially great for hiding the fuzzy edges of your optical illusion. You can even place them around your faux hay bale lake.

If you are not interested in rolling hills, waterfalls, or stacked fences, there are also many other great ways to make your farm distinctive. Check out the free gift page and the market to see what items catch your eye and consider what you can use them for. A bunch of gifted small hills make a lovely grassy area with flowers. You can also use stone mailboxes to make a stone fence. Green hedges are great for farm mazes. If the item you wish to use is only available on the free gift page, send it to your friends and ask them to send it back to you. Also, be sure to add it to your wish list in your gift box.

Crops are another great way to make your farm unique. There is, however, quite a bit of planning involved in this. You must devise a design and decide what crops will give you your colors. You will also need to determine how to make the timing of the various colored crops line up to create your design without having part of it wither while another part grows. Although crop designs can take more time, the visual effect is worth the effort.

The most important key to creating a unique farm is to experiment. Don’t be afraid to try new things. After all, that is what the delete tool is for. For additional or cutting edge farm decoration ideas, the FarmVille forums are full of people sharing their designs and how-tos.


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