Awesome Diy Raised Garden Beds Ideas37
Awesome Diy Raised Garden Beds Ideas37

88 Awesome Diy Raised Garden Beds Ideas

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Do you know that building a raised garden is just the work of few hours? Anyone can create the raised bed garden with the various easy accessible materials that found easily. When you simply create a garden at your home either backyard or front yard the raised bed gardens are the preferred choice. And you can now do it yourself very quickly.

The raised gardens are the ideal option for the areas with inadequate drainage facilities. While creating a raised garden you should make sure the soil is healthy. If your plant or vegetable requires plenty sunlight then you should the place where there is plenty of sunlight. The crops that can fit in the raised vegetable gardens are onions, beetroots, peas and more.

Only a few steps involved in creating a raised bed garden:

Step 1: Build a raised bed
For building a raised bed you can use bricks or stones, even you can use planks or even pile up the mud into mounds. Create the bed with the frames or planks in the shape you want.

Cut the length as required as for instance 2*12. First position a post at the end drills holes throughout the post and board. Fix them with bolts. Now once they locked together, tight the bolts. And it’s done; your box for the raised garden is ready. Don’t you think building a box is just a matter of minutes work?

Step 2: Place your box at ideal location
After you create the box you should place it in the location you have chosen already and dig the dirt. You should dig until it forms a depth. This will help the water to drain properly. A spading fork or a shovel can be used to the dig the soil.

Step 3: Fill the area with rich soil
After you finish digging the dirt fill the area with soil rich in organic, sand and manure. And mix the soil and manure using a shove. When you mix the soil becomes rich in nutrients and also the loose soil is good for the drainage facilities. And plant the type you want giving them little space.

Once you have through with the above easy steps then find out the biggest advantage of the building the raised gardens or raised vegetable gardens over an ordinary gardens.

The biggest advantage of the raised gardens is that you can fill any number of beds with varied soils. And when you choose to create raised vegetable gardens you can select from tomatoes, lettuces and more as your preferred vegetables. Moreover you can choose the interlocking pavers to distinguish the soils variations and vegetables types.

The concept of interlocking pavers has been in existence for a few decades. This gives an impressive style to your raised garden and is broadly available in eye-catching designs. If you install the interlocking pavers properly there is no need to worry about maintenance. It will long last for several decades. Moreover, it is easy to work and gives a cooler surface at a very low cost of installation.

An advice: In your raised garden, you have to choose the vegetables and plant them in rows starting from the north. If you plant taller varieties keep them in the north end so that they won’t shade the other plants and prevent them from getting sunlight.


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