Elegant Small Corner Wine Cabinet Ideas46
Elegant Small Corner Wine Cabinet Ideas46

88 Elegant Small Corner Wine Cabinet Ideas

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A corner china cabinet is a great piece of furniture to fit into any room. They are sold in all different colors and styles, as well as many choices of wood. Dark and light woods are available, just look at the room and pick something that will compliment the current furniture. China cabinets also come in many different designs.

The curio cabinet tucks nicely in a corner of the bedroom, or dining room. This cabinet holds small keepsakes and small framed pictures and can be locked if needed. This cabinet will also add a nice touch to the living room.

Another nice cabinet is the wine cabinet. This will hold glasses hanging from the top and wine in the bottom. It has a glass door on the front to keep the items contained.

Wicker and wood is another choice for a cabinet. It has three shelves and a cabinet below with a wicker front. Cookbooks and other tall objects fit nicely in it. Basically it is made of all wood with a wicker door. The textures work well together to give the cabinet a different look.

The linen cabinet is another great choice. This cabinet holds towels and has drawers for sheets, pillowcases, and washrags. It looks nice used in a bathroom, but can also be used in a craft room. The three drawers will hold all your craft supplies as well as the bottom cabinet.

If space is needed for special dishes then a nice corner cabinet that holds dishes, cups, and glasses is a nice choice. There are cabinets meant for this purpose that even have shelves for your tablecloths and mats.

Taking the time to measure your space is very important. A cabinet needs to be placed in the corner and not overhang the sides as this will not look good in the room.


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