Lovely Basement Stair Design Ideas45
Lovely Basement Stair Design Ideas45

88 Lovely Basement Stair Design Ideas

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So you are sick of seeing the same old walls and cabinets everyday. Maybe you have lived in your home for ten years now and are looking for a change. Upgrading your basement can make the world of difference in any home. Not only would that mean comfortably expanding your living space, but it would increase your property value. Here are a few upgrades you may be interested in when redesigning your basement.

This is a really exciting project to homeowner’s who have been living in their home for a while, and are looking for a way to upgrade their home. We can start in the kitchen area of your basement. How are your cabinets looking? A great way to make your charm your kitchen is to dress up the cabinets with a new custom design. Things as simple as switching out knobs will even make a huge difference visually.

Do you have a bar downstairs? If not, a great upgrade would be a bar. This will create a whole new hang out area for the adults to relax in. If there is room in your great room, then installing a bar there is a nice option. Another idea would be to have a built-in bar area in a wide hallway to conserve space. The cabinets on your bar area could even match the ones in your kitchen area to add congruency to your design.

Is the basement an area you spend watching a lot of games or movies? Maybe it is where the kids hang out and play video games. If this sounds like you, than an entertainment system is a great investment. An upgraded entertainment system can be custom made to hold your TV, movies, books, games, knick-knacks, and more. As always, these cabinets may be themed to match your new kitchen and bar design. Build-ins save time and money trying to find an entertainment center to fit all of your specific needs. Having a custom center made gives you the opportunity to have as may shelves, drawers, and cabinets you need. You can decide how big the area is for your television, and you do not have to worry about bringing a huge piece of furniture down an entire flight of stairs.

Designing your new basement is going to be an exciting task. These are just a few of the options you having when trying to decide on a few upgrades. Contact a basement design company in your area and they can help guide you to the upgrades that you have been looking for.


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