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Thankfully with some creativity and elbow grease you can give yourself a small kitchen makeover and turn your currently small and crowded kitchen into a versatile and highly usable space that meets all of your needs! So how do you make the transition from small and crowded to light and airy? Here are some hints to help readers who are looking for help with their makeovers for small kitchens.

The easiest way to completely change the look, feel and usability of your kitchen is to put your appliances in new positions. This is the first thing any small kitchen makeovers expert will tell you: move the big things into manageable positions. If you do this correctly you could open up quite a lot of usable space! Remember to position your appliances in a usability triangle. You might also trade your old and wide refrigerator for a taller and narrower refrigerator. You might also trade your current standard sink in for a larger and over sized kitchen sink (the larger your sink, the easier you can store dirty dishes and food prep items).

Another thing that most people who are researching small kitchen makeovers overlook is the use of vertical space. So many kitchen designers focus on horizontal space: counter tops, sinks, etc that they forget that vertical space is just as usable. When designing makeovers for small kitchens, consider installing taller cabinets for your dishes and food items. Some small kitchen owners install kitchen cabinets that extend all the way up to the ceiling! To keep these cabinets from overwhelming your space, consider using cabinets with glass or clear plastic doors. This helps the space look more open and usable (and can save a lot of time searching for the right spice or serving dish).

Instead of a free standing kitchen table, have a corner booth installed. This will open up half of your dining space for storage you can even build a table that has shelving units or drawers below the tabletop to help you store larger or lesser used items. Heck, with a nice tablecloth you could rest your tabletop on top of a filing cabinet and small bookcase and nobody would know! So many people overlook the kitchen table when they work on their small kitchen makeovers. Don’t be one of them!

Finally, when working on makeovers for small kitchens perhaps the most important detail to remember is that less is better than more. Let your appliances and utensils serve as decorations for your counters and exposed walls. Don’t try to over crowd the space with superfluous items that you do not need. Consider washing a pan out and using it again while cooking a meal instead of using two pans of the same size!


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