48 Amazing Industrial Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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There’s nothing nicer than redecorating your bathroom. Firstly, it’s smaller than the other rooms in your home and not so intimidating when it is time to choose the correct fixtures or utilities. The first thing you should think about is bathroom vanities and how they will feature in your bathroom. These will be the focal point and a good start for you to set your decor theme. A bathroom of course can have one or two vanities, depending on your requirements. If you share a bathroom with someone then it’s wise to have a “his” and “hers”.

The humble bathroom has taken a bad rap for many years and usually has a negative connotation to it. It is a place where necessities are taken care of and not a place for relaxation and contemplation. Well, who would blame us, many a “toilet” consisted only of a outside shack. The concept of a bathroom only became prevalent with the industrial revolution.

With things modernizing at the speed of light. So did plumbing, fashion and decor. Toilets moved inside the home and took up a place in a bathroom, consisting of a bath tub, a toilet and a wash basin perched on a table or sorts. Suddenly, the bathroom became a place where one can go to relax and also think. But without any real creativity, the decor was still sterile and all white.

As we became more affluent and also with the advent of credit, the bathroom industry started mushrooming. We demanded more color and more creativity from the industry. They took note and the humble bathroom has today evolved into a room to be reckoned with.

It started with redesigning vanities in such a way that they were both pleasing to the eye and functional as well. Vanities are made from wood, marble, granite or even perspex. Their basins are either plush with the cabinet top or in more modern times, the basin stands on top of the cabinet. Here the tendency is to duplicate fashions of old, where the basin was an enamel bowl perched on a small table. Of course to match your vanity you need a mirror to complement the style.


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