Affordable Canopy Beds Ideas For Bedroom39
Affordable Canopy Beds Ideas For Bedroom39

88 Affordable Canopy Beds Ideas For Bedroom

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Canopy beds are not just for girls’ rooms, they are also a great look in your boy’s bedroom. It only takes your imagination and a little work to transform your child’s bedroom to his favorite play area. Even if you don’t have a four poster bed, you can use bed canopies to add exciting details to his bedroom.

Themed rooms

Themed rooms are perfect for canopy beds. One of the most popular themed room designs is the rainforest. You can have the room painted in soft shades of green or moss and a rainforest inspired wall paper on one wall. As an accent to the room, you can put a big leaf shaped canopy over the bed. You can also add green wall lights or lamps to add to the ambience and, to take it further, you could have a soundtrack of nature noises playing in the background.

A race car themed room is also popular among boys. You can use a metal colored bed canopy to serve as the roof of the car or a dark fabric to make it into a convertible. Another idea is to put up a canopy and make it into the roof under which the race car bed is parked. Don’t forget to add race car themed duvet covers and pillow cases.

There are many types of bed canopies available. If you search online, you will find many online stores that sell different canopies for low prices. As well as free delivery, some stores will install the canopies for you. Canopies can also be purchased from your local home furnishing stores. If you want a cheaper alternative, you can make your own. The best thing about creating your own is that you can experiment with different materials and designs and perhaps get your children involved in the project.

When your children help in the decoration of their own bedrooms it not only gives them a sense of pride it also teaches them new skills. Studies have shown that children who participate in all areas of family life and are encouraged to make decisions from and early age, tend to do better in later life. When you give them and element of control in their rooms then they will appreciate them more and consequently take better care of them.


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