88 Wonderful Art Studio Room Ideas

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If you are an artist it is more than likely that you long for a studio. Not everyone has enough space in their own homes, yet a basement might be studio space you did not know you had. A lot of folks use their basements for storage only. Converting a basement into an art studio can be a perfect solution for an artist needing more room to create in. Here are ideas and considerations for converting your basement space into usable artist workspace.

The first step is to go through your basement and do an inventory of what things you really need and what things you can live without. There might be enough for you to do a yard sale or else donate to charity. If there is clutter that you are keeping, box it up and confine it to a specific area. You will need to make sure to leave enough room open for your art equipment and supplies. Once you have a space cleared it is time to dust, sweep and organize to create a pleasant, clean studio area.

After you have set up your essential art gear, be sure to decorate. If there is a particular color that inspires you, paint the walls for added ambience. Hang some art to spruce up the walls since the windows are all going to be small and above eye-level. An interior design trick often employed in underground living space is faux windows. You can have a mirror floor-to-ceiling, or any size you prefer, with window treatment such as drapes or curtains pulled to the sides. This will also reflect light and make the room feel bigger. On the same note, due to insufficient windows, make sure you have ample lighting. Especially of value are the lamps that replicate sunlight for creating a bright inviting space that stimulates creativity.

The next thing to consider is climate control. Basements have a tendency to be dank due to being closed off. A dehumidifier is a necessity if you want to keep your art in progress safe from the harm a damp environment can cause. Also, if you are keeping paper, canvas or any other supplies prone to mildew or warping in such conditions you may want to seal them off in plastic bags or containers as an additional guard.

On a positive note, art mediums such as clays, paints, inks, and liquid-based supplies such as glues and solvents will benefit by being stored in the dark and closed-off basement. For your own comfort, make sure there is sufficient circulation while you are downstairs in your studio making art. A nice oscillating fan should do the trick. Having this artist getaway within your own home should improve productivity and make a happier artist.


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