Affordable Travel Trailer Renovation Ideas For Your Holiday 49
Affordable Travel Trailer Renovation Ideas For Your Holiday 49

88 Affordable Travel Trailer Renovation Ideas For Your Holiday

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This introduction will hopefully help you to better understand the different types of camper trailers available and what facilities you can expect from each. Like everything, camper trailers’ quality and value for money will vary so it is worth doing some research and investigation if you’re planning to buy. After all, there is no point getting a trailer with a large kitchen unit but not enough room to bed everyone for the night.

To start with I want to mention about vintage trailers. There is a roaring trade in second hand and renovated vintage trailers, and these will look the part behind a classic car or truck. They are super-retro and usually have wooden interiors and that classic 1950′s metallic exterior. Probably not for the first time buyer, but a dream for the purist enthusiast!

The Compact Teardrop Camper
When you look for small camping trailers, there is a lot of choice available in the market. A teardrop camper is one that is literally shaped like a teardrop and will have just two wheels. This allows it to be easily pulled through a tow bar attached to any vehicle, which can even be a small car. The streamlined shape allows for easier driving. Kitchen areas can be designed so that they are accessible from the outside of the camper, thus making it very easy to use. They weigh very little and are hardly a strain for the vehicle to which they are hooked. Such campers can accommodate two to three people quite easily, and carry enough kitchen supplies to allow for a week’s holiday.

The pop-up camper is one that is quite popular because of its low price. This type of small camping trailers come with trailer frames, a hard roof, pull out bunks and soft walls that come in a box. There may also be provision for folded tables and benches. A water tank is a must, while some pop-up campers come with a stove, a refrigerator, and other gadgets that make for comfortable camping. The trailer that carries the pop up camper can be hitched on to any vehicle and towed to the camp site. The disadvantage with such campers is that they need to be properly set out once you reach your destination, and then taken down again when you are ready to leave.

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