Best Diy Brick Barbecue Ideas For Backyard37
Best Diy Brick Barbecue Ideas For Backyard37

88 Best Diy Brick Barbecue Ideas For Backyard

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A backyard barbecue pit started and is more common during the 1950’s. Today, many homeowners are considering building their own pit in their backyard. Nothing could be more fun and wonderful than spending a great weekend afternoon with your family and friends in your own yard with delicious barbecue, which is a great way to unwind and bond.

There may be many commercial barbecue grills today due to the busy lifestyle, but more and more people want to go back to the basics and want their own backyard barbecue.

During the 1950’s, there are two kinds of barbecue pits such as the brick barbecue pit and the metal barbecue pit. There are many designs you can choose from. Before you proceed on building your own barbecue pit, you should first take into consideration your backyard.

Steps in building a barbecue pit:

1. Check out your backyard and decide on where to put the barbecue pit. Determine if your backyard is wide enough to house the size of the pit that you have in mind. It is necessary that you place this away from the house to avoid smoke enveloping your home during the barbecue preparation and grilling. Nevertheless, you should also put it not so far from the kitchen for easy access on materials you need from the kitchen.
2. Ensure that you have the proper tools and materials to start the work. There are several do-it-yourself tips to guide you in your task. However, check out your options and other important aspects of your installation plan.
3. Take into consideration your neighbors. Make sure to refrain from building your barbecue pit near your neighbors premises to avoid smoke from permeating in their home too.
4. Make your barbecue pit more practical. Try installing hooks instead of shelves for the utensils. This can help you save on space.
5. When making the pit, it is vital to soak the bricks overnight. This is to make sure that they are wet, since dry bricks do not bind together very well. Next, you have to prepare a hole in the backyard around three by five feet trench and between eight to ten inches deep.
6. Pour two to three inch high gravel on top of the trench and spread a mixture of mortar and water on the edge. Fill in the gaps with mortar mixture and then you can fill the hole by pouring wet mortar on top of the cinder blocks.
7. The cedar chips will serve as the heating furnace and then place a wire rack on top as the grilling area.
8. If you want to build a metal pit, you can put a metal cylinder on the bricklayers and fit the grill on the metal furnace.

Building a barbecue pit in your backyard is a worthwhile and rewarding task and it will let you have quality and enjoyable time with the family and friends. Not only that, you will also be getting the most of your real estate investment.


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