Luxury Garden Decorating Ideas With Rocks And Stones32
Luxury Garden Decorating Ideas With Rocks And Stones32

88 Luxury Garden Decorating Ideas With Rocks And Stones

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Have you ever wanted to get away from your hectic day at the office? What if you could have a little bit of peace on your own property? Many know how a garden can offer that escape, and many know still how much a garden full of statuary and even water can add even still to that retreat. From fountains to bird baths, there are many options for the homeowner out there when it comes to adding to your garden. Statuary comes in all different sizes and designs and much of it is inexpensive. There are several types of materials used, stone, brass and resin a few of the most popular. Most statuary can be purchased locally at your local home center.

There are many people who love the sound and look of water features on their property. Water gives you that peace and quiet that a plain garden cannot offer. The beauty of such features can easily make you forget even the hardest of days, and capture you for many long moments. Fountains are a very popular choice, from small solar powered Japanese style, to large stone masterpieces. There are many who love to have a fountain near or running into a pond like a waterfall. Ponds with such fountains are often filled with fish and lily pads. Pools are another option to add fountains to. Some people build gardens around their pools, and then add or build their pools with fountains; this creates almost a tropical paradise in your backyard. Nothing like floating your troubles away in your pool listening to water tumbling over rocks.

For another idea, the various forms of gardens statues are yet another option for the homeowner. Stone and resin are the most popular materials used for statuary. There are many different designs for statues, from garden gnomes, to crosses, some painted in a variety of colors, some unpainted. Bird baths are another popular choice. When used along with Bird houses and feeders, these can attract many wild beautiful birds to your property. Bird watching can make for a lovely afternoon, sipping on your favorite beverage!

With so many options to choose from, one must do their homework. Take your time in planning out your garden(s). Decide on the right amount of statuary, and where to place it. Decide on if you are to include water in your plans and where the best place would be for your pond or fountain. After you have completed your dream garden, take time, kick back and enjoy!


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