Rustic Green Exterior House Ideas For 201942
Rustic Green Exterior House Ideas For 201942

88 Rustic Green Exterior House Ideas For 2019

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A green home house call is reminiscent of what doctors used to do a couple of generations ago.

In those good old days, if you or a family member were sick, the town doctor would come to our home, examine you, and provide you with the medical attention and medicine that you needed to get on the road to recovery.

Today a number of municipalities now offer the equivalent of a doctor’s visit for your home. In the town where I live, the local utility calls it a Green Home House Call. The goal is to have a trained energy and water specialist come right to your home, evaluate the energy and water usage, look for areas of waste or leakage, and prescribe just the right fixes to help your home be more environmentally friendly. In addition to making your home more energy and water efficient and reducing waste, an added benefit for the homeowner is the money that will be saved. And the best part about this service: it is offered to residents absolutely free of charge.

Here is how it works.

1. The first step is to make an appointment using a toll free telephone line or by mailing in a postage-paid card.

2. Meet the trained energy and water specialist at your home at the appointed time. Allow about 2-3 hours for this visit, as the examination of your home and prescription of appropriate measures to be taken will be quite comprehensive.

3. Follow the specialist’s advice.

The service is amazingly thorough and comprehensive and includes the following:

· A full weatherization review, including an examination of the sufficiency of the insulation in the attic, including insulation of your duct-work if you have central air conditioning and heating

· Free water efficient products provided and installed, including kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators

· Free energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) provided, both for the interior and exterior lighting

· Free check of your sprinkler system and assistance with programming the controller for maximum water savings

· A full report, customized for your home, to help you mange electricity, natural gas, and water consumption for implementing the best conservation practices

The specialist will not only identify the needs for energy and water saving features, but will also provide and install many of these items free of charge. The Green Home House Call is an incredibly useful and valuable service that every eligible homeowner should take advantage of. Find out if this service is available in your town. You will reap the benefits of reductions in home energy and water usage, with significant savings for the homeowner on utility bills.


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