Stylish Scandinavian Home Office Ideas You Were Looking46
Stylish Scandinavian Home Office Ideas You Were Looking46

88 Stylish Scandinavian Home Office Ideas You Were Looking

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One thing that I can tell you is that being a home business owner myself, I can empathize with those who feel that they cannot step way and take an extended break. However, in a five step process, I will present my case as to why you need to take a step back.

1. Avoiding Wear Out

The truth is that it is not easy owning and operating a home business. Many of us work 70-80 hours per week. Over time, this is not healthy. Therefore, we must break up this monotonous routine by giving ourselves a well deserved vacation from time to time.

2. Time To Think

Each and every work day is filled with busy, if not hectic, activities related to your business. Such a focus on the day to day operations of your home business does not afford to you the opportunity to sit back and reflect. Sometimes just taking some time to think about your home business and how to make it better is well worth it.

3. Your Loved Ones Miss You

It is common to get so wrapped up in our home business that we neglect those around us. Put your business aside, and take some time to do something with your family, or go out with your friends.

4. Visit Places Other Than Your Office

Remember, you decided to start a home business so that you could do things that you were unable to do before. You need to keep your promise to yourself. If you are able to, plan a vacation to somewhere you have never been before. If a vacation does not work, how about a stay-cation. Do things in your city which you always told yourself that you were going to do someday, but never got around to it. If there is a cabin or a beach close by, travel there for a couple of days. The key is to stay away from your office, besides checking the occasional e-mail, during this down-time.

5. Life Comes Before Work

One of my best friends, who happens to be Norwegian, once explained the difference between the American and Scandinavian philosophies regarding work. He said that while Americans live to work, Scandinavians work to live. The difference in philosophy between the two regions is also made apparent by the standard amount of vacation which employees receive. In the USA, you are generally given two weeks of vacation per year, when you begin a new job. In Norway, employees are given a minimum of five weeks vacation per year. Essentially my friend was trying to convey to me that the focus needs to be taken off of work, and put onto living. Much of the time if we give our bodies the breaks they need, they reward us by not getting sick, and having more energy.


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