Casual Diy Pallet Ideas For Home Decor On A Budget37
Casual Diy Pallet Ideas For Home Decor On A Budget37

88 Casual Diy Pallet Ideas For Home Decor On A Budget

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One of my friends has decided to give his garden a makeover and being the good friend I am have decided to help him. The other day the turf he had ordered showed up and while laying it gradually we were left with empty pallets. I thought to myself “how are we gonna get rid of them?” Then out of the blue a brilliant idea struck me. Why don’t we try building a shed with pallets?

My friend decided this was a fantastic idea and thinking of all the money he would be saving, we got to work more or less straight away. Firstly breaking down all the pallets so we had all our lengths ready was rather time consuming, and after completing this task we decided to order some shed plans of the internet to guide us. These proved to be extremely helpful and allowed us to follow step-by-step instructions

The detailed plans came with instructions for roof coverings, and the installation of windows and doors. Obviously we still had to spend out on certain materials like weather protection, door catches etc but we were able to complete the shed well below budget.

With both of us working together it took a day and a half to complete the new shed and I could see the sense of achievement written all over my friends face. I didn’t feel too bad either. With all the turf fully laid and by building a shed with pallets the garden make over is almost complete.

A DIY shed is easily achievable with the right planning and instructions. Additional things can be added to you shed like lighting and shelving. Building a shed with pallets is a great idea and you can end up with a professional looking shed without having to spend a small fortune.


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