Classy Diy Home Decor Projects Ideas You Must Try34
Classy Diy Home Decor Projects Ideas You Must Try34

88 Classy Diy Home Decor Projects Ideas You Must Try

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Let’s get one thing clear- not all do it yourself projects are inexpensive. More often than not, DIY projects are actually quite expensive, depending on the outcome that you desire. Look at it this way- if you don’t have control over the quality of store shelf products, then the DIY approach inverts the whole picture: you are now in control of the quality and appearance of any project you wish to get into.

If you have a warped picnic table and you wish to replace this with something that would look like it was done by an Italian craftsman in his prime, then expect that the DIY project would be expensive because you want something that will demand quality materials like exotic wood and top rated paint finish.

However, not many people want to invest so much in do it yourself projects- mainly because the budget is not there to begin with. So much can be said of expensive DIY projects, but it doesn’t mean that less expensive projects would yield poor results.

Issues regarding craftsmanship would entirely be credited to the person who has engaged in the DIY project. If you have little creativity or has little understanding of carpentry, then don’t expect that the new railing for your staircase would look like it was built by a highly experienced crew of carpenters.

So what would solve this apparent contradiction between skills, technical-know how and budget? The answer is simple- inexpensive projects that would yield beautiful results but do not require a high level of competence. Below are just some inexpensive and yet rewarding DIY home improvement projects that you can start with if you’re feeling the DIY itch now:

1. Repainting- a fresh coat of paint is always a good thing, especially for old houses. New paint gives a refreshing feel to an area, and improves the aura of a house. If a house has been standing for five years and has not been applied with even a drop of fresh paint since the day its doors were first opened, then now would be a good time to plan for a repainting.

Repainting projects need not be a 10 weekend projects- it does not have to cover the whole expanse of the house. You can start with the porch or the living room – this will take you 2 to 3 weekends.

2. Wood works- even if it sounds daunting at the start, making new furniture for the house (for the family and of course, for your own personal use) is actually one of the most fulfilling ways to jumpstart your own DIY fever. The trick is to always start small.

Not everyone is an expert with the use of wood, saw hammer and nails. This is the reason you should always start small- because in case your project fails, you can conveniently just throw away the failed project without worrying too much about the raw materials that you used. Don’t attempt to build a bed or a large cabinet for all your clothes yet.

A good starting project would be a foot stool that may be used around the house-whether in the study room or in front of the couch in the living room. Get a feel of it and see how it goes from there.


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